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Company Profile

独自の技術で社会に貢献する 日本エマルジョン

About Us


Founded in 1950, Nihon Emulsion Co., Ltd., has been devoted to the research and development as well as manufacturing of surfactant agents. We were among the first to recognize the prominent characteristics of non-ionic surfactants, and have been placing special focus on the R&D and manufacturing of this agent.
Currently, surfactant agents are used in a wide variety of products. Nihon Emulsion mainly utilizes these surfactants as cosmetics materials. Other applications include photo-sensitized material and printing ink mixtures, as well as auxiliary agent and treating agent, all of which induces the simplification of manufacturing process and achievement of new functions and product forms.
Surfactants have now become an essential part of our everyday lives, and Nihon Emulsion is determined to continue contributing to our society through the development of surfactant.
Under such circumstance, Nihon Emulsion pursues a flexible development and manufacturing system which makes the manufacturing of a wide variety of products in small quantities possible, and offers a broad range of product series as well as a detailed grade-setting for products to be used in various fields of application.
Also, the surfactants are blended and developed according to our very own "Organic Conception Diagram." Through these countless efforts, we hope to be of your service and maintain a close communication with our customers.
At Nihon Emulsion, we value the continued stability of our fundamental technology and build on the bold ideas and flexible aggressiveness that only a small company can offer to address the demands for new technologies, and keep developing new products that the market will appreciate. We also intend to be aware of the environmental changes and take part in sustainability and energy conservation activities as an concerned member of the society, and provide a sensitive and thorough service that a large company is unable to offer.

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