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Company Profile


Company name Nihon Emulsion Co., Ltd.
Inauguration December 14, 1950
Capital fund ¥50,000,000-
Representing Director
Hidekazu Imai
Products Emulsifier, dispersant, and solublizing agent for cosmetics and general industrial applications, other oil-phase materials for cosmetics
Employees 60 persons (as of Dec. 2023)
Headquarters MAP 5-32-7 Koenji-Minami, Suginami-ku, Tokyo
166-0003 JAPAN
TEL (81)3-3314-3211
FAX (81)3-3312-7207
Sayama Factory MAP 2-5-4 Hirosedai, Sayama-Shi, Saitama
350-1328 JAPAN
TEL (81)4-2954-4131
FAX (81)4-2953-3381
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