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About this Web site

Privacy Policy

Nihon Emulsion Co., Ltd.(hereinafter called the"company") will ensure the compliance of the Privacy Policy cited below to properly manage and protect the information of our customer, individual customers, and employees.

  • ◆Comply to all laws and regulation related to the protection of personal information in managing personal information.
  • ◆Will obtain personal information if and only if the customer agrees to our usage of personal information and through our company window.
  • ◆Will utilize personal information only within the range of our customer's approval. Such personal information will not be provided to or disclosed to a third party, unless the customer agrees to do so, or it is legally required.
  • ◆If a customer personally refers to the contact counter himself/herself, we will properly respond to any referrals.
  • ◆To prevent unauthorized access of personal information, loss/fabrication/leaking of personal information, we are determined to securely manage all personal information and do our best to further heighten, enforce, and correct all security measures.
  • ◆If any laws and regulations are modified, we will continue to improve and increase our efforts to better protect our customers' personal information.

If you have any questions regarding our company's Privacy Policy, please contact us at:
Nihon Emulsion Co., Ltd. Sales Department
Address: 5-32-7 Koenji-Minami, Suginami-ku, Tokyo Japan
Phone: (81)3-3314-3211

Terms of Use for Web page

  1. Before using our Web site
    The Services (hereinafter called the "Service") provided on the Web page managed and administered by Nihon Emulsion Co., Ltd. (hereinafter called the "company") should be used after you have read and agreed on the terms of use listed below. If you have used any of our Services, we will consider that you have agreed to all of the terms of use.
  2. Management of Personal Information
    In accordance with the company's Privacy Policy, we are determined to handle our customer's personal information with utmost attention and appropriate management.
  3. Trademarks and Rights
    All Trademarks (i.e. logos, service marks, etc. ) used in this Service belongs to the company or the right holder approved by the company, and is used under the license of the owner. Unauthorized use is strictly prohibited.
  4. Literary Copyright
    The literary copyright to all the information listed in our Service belongs to the company. Unauthorized use (including copying, citing, fabricating, and distributing) is strictly prohibited.
  5. Prohibited Matters
    (1)Any act violating the law or public order and morals.
    (2)Any act related to criminal conduct.
    (3)Any act of registering false information.
    (4)Any act of destroying or interfering the company's server or network.
    (5)Any act that may lead to the intervention of the company's service.
    (6)The act of collecting or accumulating another user's personal information.
    (7)The act of impersonating another user.
    (8)Any act that may lead the direct or indirect benefit of an organized crime group in using the company's service.
    (9)Other acts that the company considers as irrelevant.
  6. Disclaimer
  7. Compensation of Damages
    If a member causes any damage to the company or any other party through the use of this Service, he/she will take full responsibility and compensate for any loss at his/her own expense.
  8. Modification of Terms of Use
    The Company may alter the articles in the Terms of Use without prior notice to any members.
  9. Link Pages
    There are no restrictions in adding this Web site as a link, but if you wish to link to this Service, the linked site should be at the top page.
    If the content of the linked site is considered inappropriate (offensive material to public order and moral, or criticism against the company and its partners), the link will be eliminated.
  10. Applicable Law and Court of Jurisdiction
    All Terms related to the Service and the interpretation of the Terms of Use shall respect all applicable laws of the country of Japan. The Tokyo District Court shall have exclusive primary jurisdiction with respect to all disputes arising with respect thereto.


  1. In case of any trouble or losses, damages caused by any information posted on this Web site (including damages caused by computers and networks, and any direct or indirect damages as well), the company will not be held responsible.
  2. The content and information posted on this Web site is subject to change, discontinue, or terminate Web service without prior notice.
  3. The company will not be held accountable for any damage caused by change of posted information, or discontinued / terminated Web Service regardless of cause.
  4. The company will not be held responsible for the contents of any links on our Web site.
  5. Please manage all registered passwords with great care. A registered member is responsible for the management of his/her own password. Any acts conducted under the use of a certain password will be the responsibility of the member. In case a password is compromised by a third party, please notify the company's sales department immediately. The company will not hold any responsibility to any damage or loss resulting from unauthorized use or leakage of password.
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